The Too Early Show! with Dustin Runnels


Hate mornings?  So does Dustin Runnels, host of the Too Early Show!, the best morning show of all time, ever (suck it, Kathie Lee!)!

(Glenn Jacobs hates mornings as much as I love !sticking exclamation points where! they don’t belong!)!


Eric Lingenfelter

Hi. I'm Eric Lingenfelter. I love jokes. I've loved jokes for my whole life, even back when I was too young to really "get" them. Since 2009, I've been writing and telling my own jokes. I've gotten such rave reviews as "What the hell is going on?" from some cosplayer girl at UB Con, and "What the fuck is wrong with that guy?" from some drunk guy in the back of the room at Nietzsche's, and "HAHAHA!" from receptive audiences all over the ding dang place! If I don't make you laugh, I'm sorry. If I do make you laugh, I'm sorry. Visit my website at for more good stuff.

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