Joey “Coco” Diaz LIVE @ Nietzsche’s Thursday June 21st!

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Thursday June 21st
248 Allen street

Joey “CoCo” Diaz

Most Comedians and actors move to Los Angeles in search of fame and stardom, when Joey “Coco” Diaz came to Los Angeles, he just wanted to survive but if you watch television or are up on the top comedians working today, it looks like he did a little bit more than that.

Believe it or not Joey started his Comedy career in Denver, after serving a short stint at a correctional facility, where he realized that he could actually make people laugh. After his release, Joey gave it a try in a real Comedy Club, and that was it!

His R-rated outlook on life will get you howling in your seats but that’s what a good comedian is supposed to do, what makes Joey special is his presence and his ability to tell you a story in such a manner that regardless of the subject matter, your still laughing. Whether it’s lighting a hooker’s wig on fire, or attacking a Nun in the 4th grade, you’ll be cheering for him.

Joey is also hitting big strides in Hollywood as a character actor. You’ll see him in a recurring role on ABC’s “General Hospital”, also on episodes of “Children’s Hospital”, “The Mentalist”, and “Suppah Ninja’s”. The big screen is no stranger either, he’ll be seen in the movie, ‘The Dog That Saved Halloween” and “Beach Shark Attack”. Other films he’s appeared in were “Spiderman 2”, “Taxi”, Analyze That” but the film Joey stole your heart in was the remake of “The Longest Yard”

He’s also taken his raw style of comedy on television with a “Secret Stash” episode of Gabriel Iglesias, “Stand Up Revolution” on Comedy Central and he headlined Showtime’s “Payaso Comedy Slam”.

Podcast are the future and Joey is a regular cast member on the #1 Comedy show on iTunes, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. He also has his own podcast which he co-host with Felicia Michaels called, “Beauty and Da Beast”, which has also been in the top 10 on iTunes.

Joey has just finished recording a CD titled, “It’s either you or the Priest” which will be available on iTunes in 2012. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife and 10 cats.

We’re not saying that Joey is the next coming, what we’re saying is that Joey is raw, real and warm in a way that you’ll leave the club thinking, that was Fucked up!

Kristen Becker

For more than ten years, Becker has loved bringing her raucous point-of-view comedy to audiences all over the continent. Toronto’s Xtra! lauded her “brash and personal humor.” As the winner of the Queen City Comedy Competition, she took the largely male-dominated genre by storm. The Artvoice paper in her hometown of Buffalo, known for its flourishing and dynamic comedy scene, named her the city’s Best Stand-up Comic four years running.

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  1. Lisa

    Unable to purchase tickets as Canadians that want to come over and attend the show. Any help?

  2. Kristen Becker

    if you email me your name and how many tickets you would like, I will hold them at the door. You will need to get there 30-45 mins early, and it is cash only. Also 21+ :) does that help?

  3. Kristen Becker
  4. tim mackenna

    Hi Kristen,
    Really looking forward to seeing Joey Coco- old friend of mine from back in my time in Boulder. I have already ordered 2 tickets (my friend Gina Bird was the person who ordered them actually). I am assuming that I can pick them up at Nietszche’s with i.d. Hope that is the case. Any chance you can provide verification on that?
    I was also wondering if I can reserve another ticket to be picked up at the door via a cash purchase?

    Thanks for any and all assistance!! Can’t wait!! Science!

    Tim Mackenna

  5. Kristen Becker

    awesome! it will be an awesome show!