Get in the Van with Kristen Becker: Dykotomy, the Movie!

We here at Buffalo Comedy are VERY excited for this latest crazy funness comin’ out of the 7-1-6: Our founder and all-around awesome comedy gal, Kristen Becker, is launching her newest grand plan: to get back on the road showcasing her stand-up comedy, and film the whole dang thing. Whilst out in our America, Becker plans to visit old exes and talk sex, sexuality, and relationships — specially theirs. To get this done, Becker is crowdsourcing funds to get the van back on the road and make the film; the corresponding Kickstarter project was announced late yesterday afternoon. Check out the specs and throw a few shekels to Buffalo’s comedy godmother — not only will you get a hi-larious comedy documentary out of the deal, but you’ll also get to watch one of the city’s bright stars further spread the name of our fine town.

Related reading: Laughspin, one of the country’s preeminent daily comedy blogs, has already posted a great write-up on the project. Check it!

Kristy Rock

Kristy has been writing about comedians since 2005, first in Chicago, then in LA, and now in the great city of Buffalo, New York, as managing editor of (2012-2015). She has also published seven issues of RE:COM, a nationally-distributed print magazine about comedy (which can be downloaded for a measly $2). Otherwise, she can be found drinking wine and plotting out plans for her future distillery/goat farm/artist retreat and attempting to build a teleportation machine between the East and West Coasts.

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